The Ultimate, Ultra-Compact Automation Suite

Stratedigm’s High-Throughput Automation Suite just got a game-changing upgrade. The complete configuration (S1000EON or SE520EXi flow cytometer, A600 HTAS, and A710 HTH) now comes in a new ultra-compact option in a 45” x 31” x 34” footprint. 

One of the only true benchtop automation suites, users can maximize their lab bench while still performing multi-plate, 24/7 unattended experiments with confidence and ease. It can even be operated from mobile carts, delivering ultimate flexibility.

True to Stratedigm’s design philosophy, users can still easily switch between automated and manual assays in seconds. The suite is still capable of running 24-, 96-, or 384-well plates as well as Eppendorf or cluster tubes.

Pairing Stratedigm’s automation with our optional Rapid High Throughput Screening (RHTS) mode allows 96-well plates to be analyzed in UNDER 15 minutes. To take automation to an even higher level, Stratedigm’s patented Visual Protocol Designer (VPD) module gives users even more control over the system’s automation functions and can autonomously make decisions without user intervention.

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