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Acquisition and Analysis


When it comes to acquisition and analysis, CellCapTure is all you need. With powerful built-in features like templates and auto-compensation tools, acquisition has never been this easy. And in the same flow cytometry software, you can analyze your experiments with post-color compensation, batch analysis, calculation sheets, custom parameters, and overlays.

 Append mode
Auto compensation tools
Post-color compensation
Batch analysis
Calculation sheets
And much more!


CellCapture Control Tubes - Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

Add Compensation Tubes in CellCapTure Flow Cytometry Software

Append Mode and Acquisition Controls for Stratedigm Flow Cytometers

Stratedigm Instrument Statuses of Instruments

Stratedigm Plates and Tubes Simultaneously in One Experiment





CellCapture’s automation features are more advanced than ever. With CellCapTure’s multi-plate record features and automated shutdown, you can now run experiments day after day. Use heat maps and simple drag-and-drop features to help you with analysis of hundreds or thousands of samples.

Repeated recording of plates
Repeated recording of experiments
Automated shutdown
Heat Map
 Patent pending Visual Protocol Designer


Data Management


When it comes to your data, this is homebase. With CellCapture’s centralized database, your experiments can be accessed anywhere without cumbersome importing and exporting.  Now all the data you’ve acquired is ready to be analyzed—anywhere you are.

 Central database on local cytometer PC
 Central database on shared server location
 Access multiple databases from the same PC
 Fully automated database backup and recovery

Compatible with FCS 3.0


Stratedigm Database Visualization

Stratedigm Data Management Libraries

Stratedigm Flow Cytometers Plate Loader Diagnostics Screenshot

Performance Tracking


Making sure your instrument is running at optimal conditions at all times is a piece of cake. That’s because our CellCapTure software takes the pulse of your instrument every second. With performance tracking metrics and automated log reporting, instrument downtime is the least of your concerns.

Built-in diagnostics
Automated log reporting
Usage reports



Stratedigm Flow Cytometers Instrument Diagnostics CellCapTure

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