Flow Cytometry Resources


Learn About Flow Cytometer Obsolescence

WORK-FLOW provides e-Learning courses in flow cytometry. Its flagship course, Flow Cytometry Essentials, is a streamlined and user-friendly educational program that demystifies common concepts and serves as a prerequisite to instrument training.

National Flow Cytometry Resource: The NFCR pursues the development of advanced flow cytometry instrumentation and applications, and transfers these developments to the biomedical science community.

Chromocyte:  Resource for designing complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and identifying and sourcing reagents that are required for flow cytometry and all antibody-related techniques.

FluoroFinder: FluoroFinder simplifies complex experiment design providing researchers with multi-supplier antibody search tools combined with interactive instrument configurations and spectra viewers that are specific to each lab’s setup. Their panel builder and spectra viewers enable researchers to design better experiments with all commercially available products and fluorochromes all while saving time and reducing costly errors.

Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories: First website in cytometry which includes research material, educational resources, and e-mail archives.

International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC): Scientific and educational community that provides information on leading technological innovation and knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences.

International Clinical Cytometry Society: Clinical cytometry community with a scientific forum to discuss interests, present results, and learn about new methods.

Evaluation and Purchase of an Analytical Flow Cytometer: Some of the Numerous Factors to Consider: A great article written by Robert Zucker and Nancy Fisher about all the key factors to consider when purchasing a new flow cytometer.

Reagents & Consumables

Antibody Resource: Guide to antibody research and suppliers designed/contributed by scientists and antibody industry veterans.

Spherotech Rainbow 8 Beads: Information regarding calibration particles that are designed for routine calibration of flow cytometers.