National Flow Cytometry Resource: The NFCR pursues the development of advanced flow cytometry instrumentation and applications, and transfers these developments to the biomedical science community.

Chromocyte:  Resource for designing complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and identifying and sourcing reagents that are required for flow cytometry and all antibody-related techniques.

Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories: First website in cytometry which includes research material, educational resources, and e-mail archives.

International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC): Scientific and educational community that provides information on leading technological innovation and knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences.

International Clinical Cytometry Society: Clinical cytometry community with a scientific forum to discuss interests, present results, and learn about new methods.

Reagents & Consumables

Antibodies Resource: Guide to antibody research and suppliers designed/contributed by scientists and antibody industry veterans (

Spherotech Rainbow 8 Beads: Information regarding calibration particles that are designed for routine calibration of flow cytometers.