Stratedigm Flow Cytometer Automation Suite Cartoon Stratedigm A800 Cell Incubator (CI) 4-50° C with true orbital shaking Stratedigm A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) that holds up to 240 plates Stratedigm A640 Cell Prep Module with 4 Bulk Reagent Cubtainers Stratedigm A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) that analyzes 24-, 96-, and 384-well plates S1000EON 6 Laser, 30 Parameter Flow Cytometer that is configurable, scalable, and upgradeable Stratedigm A800 Cell Incubator (CI) used in flow cytometry automation Stratedigm A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) used in flow cytometry automation Stratedigm A640 Cell Prep Module with 4 Bulk Reagent Cubtainers Stratedigm A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) used in flow cytometry automation
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Sensitivity & Resolution

The S1000EON flow cytometer has a TRUE 5-decade dynamic range. In tandem with our patent pending laser-trimming technology and a dedicated microparticle mode, you can detect particles from 0.2 µm to 7 µm all in the same sample.

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Ease of Use

We believe that a user-friendly software is essential to any great flow instrument. With CellCapTure, our full analysis and acquisition software, we made it possible to run a single tube or run hundreds of 384-well plates with just a few clicks.

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Configurable & Scalable

Every lab has different needs and budgets. Our cytometers are completely customizable at time of purchase and field-upgradeable. Configure your system with up to 6 lasers and 30 parameters running single tubes or add automation and run hundreds of plates with ease.

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We’ve engineered a field-upgradeable and backwards compatible series of flow cytometers. The unique patented architecture of Stratedigm’s products allows for flexible, incremental upgrades to your Stratedigm S1000 series flow cytometer—now or in the future. With our Anti-Obsolescence Guarantee, we’ve got you covered.

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Service & Warranty

We take great pride in our service. We utilize industrial IoT to resolve and solve 95% of issues in minutes. And only Stratedigm offers a standard two-year warranty with every S1000, A600 HTAS, and A710 HTH.

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Latest News
February 12, 2024Dear Customers and Friends of Stratedigm, We have some exciting news to share with you! Stratedigm will be taking part in the Southeast Florida Clinical Immunology Group (SEFCIG) 2024 conference happening on March 14-15 in Memphis, TN. It is a great opportunity to connect with leading experts in the field of clinical immunology, and we’re truly honored to be a part of it. As a focal point of our engagement, our CEO, Shervin Javadi, will deliver a talk on the potential that rapidly evolving artificial intelligence holds for the field of flow cytometry.  We would love for you to join us and explore this fascinating topic. Here at Stratedigm, pushing the boundaries of innovation is at the core of what we do. We see SEFCIG as an invaluable opportunity to learn and gain fresh perspectives. We are looking forward to sharing our latest research and exchanging insights with you at the conference. Don’t miss this chance to learn from industry leaders and network with fellow professionals. To register for the conference, visit the SEFCIG 2024 website. Hope to see you there! Warm regards, The Stratedigm team [...] Read more...
January 19, 2024Dear friends, It’s a new year, and Stratedigm is already setting the stage for another record-breaking year of innovation and product launches. Since our inception, we have consistently introduced innovative solutions that have transformed the landscape of flow cytometry automation. In 2023, the A640 Cell Prep Module (CPM) and the A810 Cell Incubator (CI) were the stars, offering effortless bulk reagent handling and automation for assays requiring incubation at multiple temperatures. Above all, we were most excited and proud to introduce our Flowraissance program. With complimentary upgrades to Stratedigm’s latest hardware and software platform for S1000 cytometers that are 10 years or older, it delivers assured instrument longevity and unrivaled performance. On the heels of these unique offerings, 2024 will be another groundbreaking year, as we plan to release a series of cutting-edge instruments and software features: Expansion of our automation suite: we will continue to expand our already comprehensive automation suite with the launch of a new instrument. This addition will further streamline and enhance your research experience, providing unparalleled efficiency and precision in your laboratory. Enhanced CellCapTure software capabilities: expect our CellCapTure software to make the next step to intelligent, high-throughput flow cytometry with expanding AI-based optimization of multi-plate experiments for faster speed and higher throughput of our automation suite. Launch of the next S1000 platform with capabilities in the area of spectral flow cytometry: this next stage of our S1000 flow cytometry platform will offer a seamless transition from foundation to spectral analysis, a more powerful engine for optimization of pre-analytical steps, and a ten-fold increase in gain adjustment. As we continue to break records and redefine the industry, Stratedigm remains committed to providing you with the most advanced and innovative solutions for your research needs. We look forward to sharing more details about these exciting new developments in the coming months. Stay tuned! Connect and continue the conversation with us on LinkedIn. To learn more about our future-proof instruments with investment protection, please contact info@stratedigm.com, visit us at our website, or our YouTube Channel. [...] Read more...
December 12, 2023Dear friends of Stratedigm, As we bid farewell to 2023, Stratedigm is delighted to reflect on a year of groundbreaking product launches that have reshaped the landscape of cytometry automation. Our commitment to advancing scientific progress propelled the development of cutting-edge solutions, resulting in two exciting new additions to our automation suite: the A640 Cell Prep Module (CPM) and the A810 Cell Incubator (CI). The A640 CPM liberates researchers from the necessity of keeping reagents on the plate or in a rack. Four 1-liter reservoirs with Easy-Dock technology allow users to add bulk reagents effortlessly, providing unprecedented freedom in designing and conducting experiments. The A810 CI is the first robotic incubator without motors, solenoids, or pneumatic actuators. It doesn’t just offer cost-saving and reliability benefits through its streamlined yet robust design; more importantly, it also enables automation for assays requiring incubation at multiple temperatures by ensuring precise temperature control for plates and tubes in a modular format. Each module can accommodate six plates or tube holders as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other A810 CI units. What makes the A810 CI even more versatile is the option to use it in conjunction with Stratedigm’s A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) racks for storage and/or with the A800 Cell Incubator (CI) for climate-controlled and shaking-capable incubation. Both seamlessly integrated into Stratedigm’s compact flow cytometry suite, the A640 CPM and the A810 CI allow us to greet the New Year with a comprehensive automation solution for running cytometry assays from start to finish. While we relish every opportunity to pioneer new designs, the highlight of the year for our team was the introduction of the Flowraissance program. In the realm of customer care, Flowraissance has rightfully taken center stage, garnering features on MSN and Business Insider. Its transformative approach breathes new life into your trusted S1000 flow cytometer, empowering you to recharge its capabilities with a decade’s worth of technological advancements. The program defies obsolescence, offering a complimentary upgrade to Stratedigm’s latest hardware and software platform for S1000 cytometers that are 10 years or older. All of these achievements would not have been possible without your support and input. Today, we want to express our gratitude for your invaluable presence in our family and wish you holidays filled with joy and laughter. May the spirit of the season flow through your days, bringing you peace and happiness. Cheers to wonderful holidays and a fantastic New Year! Connect and continue the conversation with us on LinkedIn. To learn more about our future-proof instruments with investment protection, please contact info@stratedigm.com, visit us at our website, or our YouTube Channel. [...] Read more...