High Throughput Auto Sampler


With the A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS), comes a whole new way of running plate experiments. We designed the A600 with six injection probes working in concert and an all-ceramic precision pump. Coupled with Stratedigm’s patent pending Visual Protocol Designer, the A600 HTAS integrates automated liquid handling to a cytometry platform. And the result is a high-speed auto sampler that delivers functionality and reliability beyond any other conventional plate loader in the market.




  • Proprietary Flat- 6™ Technology for faster acquisition speed
  • Low volume accuracy and precision with 0 dead volume
  • User adjustable sample injection volumes from 5-400 µL
  • Optional upgrades
    • Solid-state temperature control (8-40°C)
    • Integrated barcode scanner
    • Programmable sample aspiration and mixing
    • Probe sterilization between sample aspiration
    • Patent pending Visual Protocol Designer
a600 high throughput auto sampler




Technical Specifications


  • Throughput: 96 wells < 25 minute based on a 5 second acquisition
  • Dead Volume: zero dead volume design ensure no sample is wasted in internal fluid path
  • Carryover: < 1% based on control beads
  • Reagent mixing: up to twelve different reagents can be added to any well on a microtiter plate
  • Sample volume: user adjustable via CellCapTure software from 5-400μL
  • Wash volume: user adjustable via CellCapTure software from 10-500μL
  • Absolute volumetric counting: < ±10% error

Plate Compatibility:

  • 24-well: flat and round bottom
  • 96-well: U-bottom, V-bottom, flat bottom, and deep well
  • 384-well: flat bottom
  • Tubes: 12 or 36 Eppendorf tube adapted, 96 cluster tubes

System Compatibility:

  • Software: Stratedigm CellCapTure software
  • Flow Cytometer: any S1000 or SE520 series analyzer

Options and Upgrades:

  • Temperature control: user adjustable via CellCapture Software from 8-40°C
  • Incubation: user adjustable via CellCapture software
  • Barcode scanner type: integrated
  • Sample aspiration and mixing: programmable suck and spit via injection probes

Other Specifications:

  • Size: < 11″ W x 15″ D x 13″ H  depending on upgrade options
  • Weight: < 40 lbs depending on upgrade options
  • Noise level: < 65 dBA
  • Operating power: 100-240 VAC
  • Operating temperatures: 60-86° F (15-30°C)