Anti-Obsolescence Guarantee

Future-proof Design

Obsolescence is something that no user wants or should deal with. Recovering from instrument discontinuation is not only frustrating, but it’s time-consuming, costly, and disruptive.

At Stratedigm, we believe that all of our users should have the right to uninterrupted service and access to high-quality, high-performance flow cytometers. Creating future-proof instrumentation fundamentally starts with a rock-solid, forward-thinking design. Our S1000s were built this way from the start and continue to be forward compatible with every generation. The S1000 has evolved from a 4-laser, 8-color (circa 2008) to a 6-laser, 30-parameter (circa 2019) powerhouse—with every iteration fully field-upgradeable to the latest generation.

Knowing that this field-upgradeable path is available to all our S1000 owners is critical and instills confidence.

Our guarantee:

Better still, if a Stratedigm cytometer has been under an uninterrupted service contract since its installation date, and a component fails that is no longer available, we will upgrade that system to the next available model at no charge. We also extend this guarantee to any of our other products: if a product is completely redesigned such that it is no longer field-upgradeable, available for purchase, and not serviceable, we will replace it at no additional charge with the next available model if it needs service, as long as it was under service contract since its installation date.

The longevity and reliability of a flow cytometer is something that cannot be overlooked. We believe that a company should stand behind its products and those products should stand the test of time.