Visual Protocol Designer




Stratedigm is reinventing the way you design your automation experiments. With CellCapTure’s optional patent pending Visual Protocol Designer (VPD), users can easily create complex tasks and protocols to fully automate their experiments to their exact specifications by utilizing a visual, drag-and-drop system.

VPD gives even more power to your A600 HTAS, while maintaining simplicity. And it all comes together with Stratedigm’s fully integrated Acquisition and Analysis software, CellCapTure. Scientists and researchers can utilize well-to-well pipetting, enhanced mixing, recording, incubating, decanting, automated compensation, centrifugation, and more all without any programming knowledge.

Additionally, the GUI-based autonomous engine perceptively decides the next step based on user data. These advanced features enable VPD to accelerate research in drug discovery, pathogen screening, cancer therapeutics, and precision medicine by a hundred-fold, ushering in a new era of Predictive Cytometry.

U.S. Patent No. 10338897B2