How Did We Make the Best Plate Loader Better?

Running plates and looking for rare events can be time consuming. But being able to quickly and effectively scan a plate is vital to researchers looking for a needle in a haystack. And Stratedigm has honed our A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) to combat these demanding necessities. Our NEW Rapid High-Throughput Screening (RHTS) mode gives users incredible speed, reliability, and accuracy when screening samples, without the numerous restrictions of conventional systems. Stratedigm’s new RHTS mode parts from conventional high-throughput system limitations, allowing users to: 

  • Collect over 20,000 events per well on a 96-well plate in UNDER 15 minutes with ZERO dead volume
  • Collect data with less than 0.1% well-to-well carryover
  • Aspirate up to 40 uL (4x the competitors)
  • Save data from each well in individual files instead of a single file requiring tedious post processing.

Additionally, Stratedigm’s automation routinely runs more than 6,500 wells back-to-back, without user intervention, clogging, or adjusting populations across the plate.

One of the first happy beta-users utilizing our RHTS mode is Chiara Ricci-Tam of the Michael Springer Lab at Harvard Medical School. She’s successfully utilized its blazing fast speed to decrease their 96-well plate runs from 52 minutes down to 19 minutes (64% time reduction) while still maintaining no carryover.

Keeping our commitment to future-proof products, Stratedigm’s RHTS mode is available as an upgrade to all existing A600 HTAS units. Stay tuned for more exciting news as Stratedigm’s flow cytometry automation productscontinue to set new standards.

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