Stratedigm Announces the Launch of the A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler with Flat-6 Technology

The A600 HTAS compliments the company’s existing line of analyzers which range from the entry level two laser, eight parameter SE520 model to Stratedigm’s flagship, the S1000EX which comes equipped with up to four laser and 18 parameters.

The A600 HTAS shares the same platform-based design philosophy utilized in Stratedigm’s existing flow cytometers. It can be configured as an entry-level model to fit within budgetary constraints while allowing future upgrades with options such as: barcode reader, digital temperature control, and interface to Stratedigm’s A700 Hotel, scheduled for launch in 2012.

“The A600 HTAS is Stratedigm’s building block in the arena of automation and high-content data acquisition and analysis. It has been rapidly adopted by core labs across the nation such as Yale Medical School, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Oklahoma along with private BioTech and Pharma companies during its early access stage, which created significant commercial demand. Stratedigm will continue to expand its presence in the field of automation throughout 2012 with the launch of additional products and software in preparation for completing their suite of flow cytometry instrumentation in upcoming years,” noted Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm’s CEO.