A700 HTH

High Throughput Hotel


The moment you use the A700 High Throughput Hotel (HTH), running multiplate experiments will never be the same. The A700 HTH is a high-speed microplate mover with proven performance and unsurpassed plate handling capabilities. With the ability to add multiple stacks, temperature-controlled cell incubators, and an API to interface with other automation suites, our A700 is the perfect addition for all your high throughput needs.




  • Works in perfect synchronization with the A600 HTAS and A800 Cell Incubator
  • Configurable with hotels or stacks
  • Random or sequential access storage
  • Holds up to 320 plates
  • Flexible plate handling: can accommodate 24-,96-, 384- well plates lidded or unlidded
  • Unlimited base rotations with 360° degree workspace
Flow cytometer plate moving robot




Technical Specifications

Storage Options:

  • Accommodates up to 8 hotels/stacks, totaling 320 plates
  • Random access hotel: 8 plate capacity per hotel
  • Sequential access stack: 40 plates per stack

Plate Compatibility:

  • 24-well: flat and round bottom
  • 96-well: U-bottom, V-bottom, flat bottom, and deep well
  • 384-well: flat bottom

System Compatibility:

  • Software: CellCapTure Software
  • Flow Cytometer: any S1000 or SE520 series analyzer

Optional Accessories:

  • Deep well random access stacks

Other Specifications:

  • Power requirements: 110-230 V
  • Operating enviroment: 60-86° F (15-30° C)
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Size: 28.3″ x 14.1″