Tired of Suboptimal, Manual Compensation – Part 2

Back in October we talked about the difficulties users face when running compensation manually. As January is the time for new beginnings, growth, and improvement, we are continuing to highlight a feature that will reinvent the way you perform compensation.

Uber Comp saves users time and effort by fully automating compensation for up to 23 colors and utilizing programmatic algorithms to adjust channel gains and optimize spillover. Compensation is now painless.

Using BioLegend anti-human antibodies, we ran a 13-color compensation panel both manually and with Uber Comp. In order to compare our crosstalk values to the market leader, we ran 13 colors instead of our maximum 23-color panel—see below for a general comparison of similar 13-color panels.

With the traditional manual method, we set each of the negative populations to fall at approximately the same mean (about 10-12 intensity value on a log scale). After that, using the same settings we ran each positive control and then used CellCapTure to automatically calculate our compensation matrix.

For Uber Comp, we placed our BioLegend antibody single colors into the A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler, set their well location in Uber Comp, and hit RUN.

Uber Comp not only creates each tube, sets each color’s gain, generates the positive and negative gates, and calculates the compensation matrix, it also optimizes the spillover to reduce high crosstalk values all with only a few clicks.

As shown to the right, there are several crosstalk values greater than 45% from the traditionally run compensation. After Uber Comp, these numbers are reduced to < 45% while minimally affecting other channels with low spillover without any user intervention.

Pairing Uber Comp with our software add-on Visual Protocol Designer (VPD) takes your experiments to the next level of automation. Via the graphical, drag-and-drop interface, users can easily create fully automated, highly customized plate experiments allowing for:

  • Uber Comp
  • incubation
  • reagent addition
  • mixing
  • pipetting from well to well
  • decanting
  • diluting
  • recording
  • and more!

Some features and additional functionality are enabled with optional equipment and Stratedigm automation suite. 

With Stratedigm’s Uber Comp and VPD, you can save your lab endless time from running tedious compensation panels.

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