Tired of Manual, Suboptimal Compensation? Part 1

Running single color controls is time consuming and burdensome. Even if you’re running an experiment with only a few colors that requires performing a small compensation panel, it adds acquisition time that requires human attention. Not anymore, thanks to Stratedigm’s Uber Comp™.

Uber Comp is a fully automated compensation tool for up to 23 colors. It utilizes programmatic algorithms to adjust channel gains and optimize spillover between colors. Difficult at best when done by hand, optimizing the spillover is now effortless.

To run Uber Comp, simply load your single color controls into the A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler’s (HTAS) reagent rack, select the parameters you need to compensate in your panel, and click “run.” With its incredibly easy-to-use interface, CellCapTure automatically creates all the necessary tubes, sets each color’s gain, draws the positive and negative gates, optimizes spillover between colors, and generates the compensation matrix all with a few clicks. After the matrix has been produced, you can still quickly and easily make any manual tweaks, if necessary.

Stay tuned next month for optimization data using Uber Comp and to find out about Stratedigm’s perfect software feature pairing!

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