The SE520EON: Same Price, More to Love

The SE520EON is here.

The SE520 series flow cytometer has been a beloved low-cost, high-performance instrument since its debut in 2009. And 2021 marks its second upgrade bringing it up to the EON generation similar to our flagship S1000EON flow cytometer. The SE520EON, our fixed configuration 2-laser, 6-color cytometer, now boasts an event rate of up to 20,0000 events per second, increased true dynamic range (5 decades for acquisition and 7 decades for analysis), and all-new PEEK SIT for increased reliability. All backed by the same amazing Stratedigm support and anti-obsolescence guarantee.

And like the S1000EON, the SE520EON boasts exciting features that come standard with CellCapTure 5.0:

  • Uber Comp – fully automated and optimized compensation
  • Magic gating – click once to automatically draw gate around a population
  • Copy and paste well names from Excel including 384-well plates
  • Sticky quadrants with adjustable axis points
  • Automatically have A600 HTAS wells show live data as their acquired
  • Plate view pie charts – display up to 5 statistic criteria simultaneously via color codes
  • Drag and drop plate view to the calculation sheet for easy data manipulation
  • Wider range of carriers for the A600 HTAS that includes a 24-cluster tube rack for reagents or samples
  • Better dual monitor support
  • Optional Rapid High-Throughput Screening (RHTS) – run a 96-well plate in UNDER 15 minutes with near-zero carryover

Not only that, but the SE520 EON is still 100% compatible with our automation suite as well as our ultra-compact automation configuration. The SE520EON: perfect for routine, but demanding assays requiring only the best performance.