Stratedigm’s Record-Breaking Innovations Continue in 2024

Dear friends,

It’s a new year, and Stratedigm is already setting the stage for another record-breaking year of innovation and product launches. Since our inception, we have consistently introduced innovative solutions that have transformed the landscape of flow cytometry automation. In 2023, the A640 Cell Prep Module (CPM) and the A810 Cell Incubator (CI) were the stars, offering effortless bulk reagent handling and automation for assays requiring incubation at multiple temperatures. Above all, we were most excited and proud to introduce our Flowraissance program. With complimentary upgrades to Stratedigm’s latest hardware and software platform for S1000 cytometers that are 10 years or older, it delivers assured instrument longevity and unrivaled performance.

On the heels of these unique offerings, 2024 will be another groundbreaking year, as we plan to release a series of cutting-edge instruments and software features:

  • Expansion of our automation suite: we will continue to expand our already comprehensive automation suite with the launch of a new instrument. This addition will further streamline and enhance your research experience, providing unparalleled efficiency and precision in your laboratory.
  • Enhanced CellCapTure software capabilities: expect our CellCapTure software to make the next step to intelligent, high-throughput flow cytometry with expanding AI-based optimization of multi-plate experiments for faster speed and higher throughput of our automation suite.
  • Launch of the next S1000 platform with capabilities in the area of spectral flow cytometry: this next stage of our S1000 flow cytometry platform will offer a seamless transition from foundation to spectral analysis, a more powerful engine for optimization of pre-analytical steps, and a ten-fold increase in gain adjustment.

As we continue to break records and redefine the industry, Stratedigm remains committed to providing you with the most advanced and innovative solutions for your research needs. We look forward to sharing more details about these exciting new developments in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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