Introducing Flowraissance™: Stratedigm Technology Defies Obsolescence Trends

At Stratedigm, our vision has always been to build lasting flow cytometers and nurture lasting partnerships. Today, we are excited to introduce our newest customer care program. Named Flowraissance™ (FLOW-rah-sahns) in the spirit of the ideals of revival, exploration, and intellectual and scientific progress, the program aims to breathe new life into your trusted S1000 flow cytometer, empowering you to recharge its capabilities with a decade’s worth of technological advancements.

The program unlocks an opportunity for an S1000 cytometer upgrade to Stratedigm’s latest hardware and software platform at no additional cost once these simple eligibility criteria are met :

  • Your Stratedigm S1000 cytometer must be 10 years or older.
  • Your service contract through Stratedigm must have run uninterrupted since the instrument’s purchase and be extended for another three or more years to assure proper care and optimal performance.

For our team, Flowraissance™ is a sincere “Thank you” for your commitment to scientific excellence and the trust you’ve placed in us over the years. This initiative goes against the common practice of obsolescence and highlights, once again, Stratedigm’s determination to chart its own course. Flowraissance™ is made possible by years of forward-thinking design and field reliability data. We can’t wait to share it with current and future customers alike.

Contact us to discover the possibilities that Flowraissance™ holds for your research endeavors, and stay tuned for the upcoming release of Stratedigm’s fifth-generation S1000 platform, the S1000 Eon Spectra.

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