Stratedigm Announces Commercial Launch of its Pyro-Red Detector

Stratedigm’s new Pyro-Red ultra-sensitive far-red detector marks the latest enhancement to Stratedigm’s state-of-the-art, future-proof analyzers.  The Pyro-Red detector offers up to a threefold increase in sensitivity compared to previously available batch selected red sensitive detectors. The Pyro-Red detector is the ideal choice for fluorochromes such as PE-Cy7, APC-Cy7, and BV800.


Figure 1. Sphero™ 8 peak Rainbow Calibration Particles on Stratedigm’s Pyro-Red detector. Data was acquired using Stratedigm’s S1000EXi flow cytometer and analyzed using CellCapTure software.

The enhanced sensitivity of the Pyro-Red detector allows for better resolution of dim signals and more flexible multi-parameter panel designs.  Stratedigm’s Pyro-RedTMdetector is available as an optional upgrade on all new and legacy S1000 and SE500 series cytometers.