Holiday Gifts and Cheers: A Stratedigm Year in Review

Dear friends of Stratedigm,

As we bid farewell to 2023, Stratedigm is delighted to reflect on a year of groundbreaking product launches that have reshaped the landscape of cytometry automation. Our commitment to advancing scientific progress propelled the development of cutting-edge solutions, resulting in two exciting new additions to our automation suite: the A640 Cell Prep Module (CPM) and the A810 Cell Incubator (CI).

The A640 CPM liberates researchers from the necessity of keeping reagents on the plate or in a rack. Four 1-liter reservoirs with Easy-Dock technology allow users to add bulk reagents effortlessly, providing unprecedented freedom in designing and conducting experiments.

The A810 CI is the first robotic incubator without motors, solenoids, or pneumatic actuators. It doesn’t just offer cost-saving and reliability benefits through its streamlined yet robust design; more importantly, it also enables automation for assays requiring incubation at multiple temperatures by ensuring precise temperature control for plates and tubes in a modular format. Each module can accommodate six plates or tube holders as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other A810 CI units. What makes the A810 CI even more versatile is the option to use it in conjunction with Stratedigm’s A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) racks for storage and/or with the A800 Cell Incubator (CI) for climate-controlled and shaking-capable incubation.

Both seamlessly integrated into Stratedigm’s compact flow cytometry suite, the A640 CPM and the A810 CI allow us to greet the New Year with a comprehensive automation solution for running cytometry assays from start to finish.

While we relish every opportunity to pioneer new designs, the highlight of the year for our team was the introduction of the Flowraissance program. In the realm of customer care, Flowraissance has rightfully taken center stage, garnering features on MSN and Business Insider. Its transformative approach breathes new life into your trusted S1000 flow cytometer, empowering you to recharge its capabilities with a decade’s worth of technological advancements. The program defies obsolescence, offering a complimentary upgrade to Stratedigm’s latest hardware and software platform for S1000 cytometers that are 10 years or older.

All of these achievements would not have been possible without your support and input. Today, we want to express our gratitude for your invaluable presence in our family and wish you holidays filled with joy and laughter. May the spirit of the season flow through your days, bringing you peace and happiness.

Cheers to wonderful holidays and a fantastic New Year!

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