Flow Cytometry Automation Without Compromise

Stratedigm S1000EON Flow Cytometer with Full Automation Suite
Stratedigm’s automation suite is built with you in mind. 
By controlling all the steps in high throughput flow cytometry, you can quickly and easily run complex, multi-plate experiments. The automation suite’s design is based on the same principles as our flow cytometers—innovative, compact, and flexible. 
The A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) does away with hardware limitations inherent to existing plate loaders, offering lightning fast acquisition speeds through our Flat-6 injection™ technology. It also provides liquid handling functions for automated titration and reagent addition, absolute volumetric counting, extended sample aspiration volumes, and the widest range of carrier compatibility. 
The A700 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) enables high traffic labs to run unsupervised multi-plate experiments overnight to truly maximize throughput. Capable of accommodating up to 320 plates, the A700 HTH can run samples back-to-back for several days without the need for supervision. Set your experiment up on Friday at 5 P.M. and have over 10,000 wells recorded and analyzed by Monday morning. 
The A800 Cell Incubator (CI) gives users complete control of the incubation environment (temperature, humidity, CO2, shaking) of up to 44 plates. Users can even stack A800 CI’s to create multiple working environments for various samples. 
Stratedigm’s A600 HTAS, A700 HTH, and A800 CI allow for complete sample prep and automation. Complex flow cytometry automation has never been this simple.
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