Stratedigm Announces Commercial Launch of its Cryo-Blue Detector

Introducing Stratedigm’s latest innovation: the Cryo-Blue ultra-sensitive blue detector, marking yet another stride in our dedication to advanced, future-proof analyzers.

Following in the footsteps of its counterpart, the Pyro-Red detector released in 2015, the Cryo-Blue detector offers up to a twofold increase in sensitivity, allowing for better resolution of dim signals and more flexible multi-parameter panel designs. The detector is compatible with fluorochromes with an emission range from 400nm to 700nm.

Figure 1. Sphero™ 8 peak Rainbow Calibration Particles on Stratedigm’s Cryo-Blue detector. Data was acquired using Stratedigm’s S1000EON flow cytometer and analyzed using CellCapTure software.

Remaining true to our dedication to customer satisfaction, the Cryo-Blue is fully compatible with both new and legacy S1000 and SE520 series cytometers as a field upgrade.