Worried About Flow Cytometer Obsolescence?

Worried about Instrument Obsolescence?

You won’t have to with a Stratedigm flow cytometer. At Stratedigm, we are dedicated to producing state-of-the-art flow cytometers that are always ready for the future.

Stratedigm’s S1000 is future-proofed in all the ways that matter to you: it is configurable, upgradeable, and suitable for any lab. New models are designed with our legacy models in mind, allowing any S1000 series cytometer to be field-upgraded with our latest advanced technology. Not only that, we maintain a commitment to providing 1st party support for all S1000 cytometers, regardless of age. And as any of our users can attest, our S1000 has over a decade-long record of future-proof design.

All of our future-proofing creates an unprecedented investment protection plan for you. As your lab’s needs grow and newer models are launched, you can upgrade your existing S1000 for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a flow cytometer. And you can be confident that we will always offer service contracts and support—since component obsolescence is never an issue with an S1000 cytometer.

To learn more about our future-proofed instruments and their investment protection characteristics, please contact info@stratedigm.com, visit us at www.stratedigm.com, or our YouTube channel.