The Newest Way to Move Plates: A710 HTH OEM

Is your company looking to add plate mover robotics to their product offerings? Well, Stratedigm’s A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) is now available for OEM as part of our new Stratedigm Lab Automation Series!

The A710 HTH comes with a highly intuitive interface, accommodates up to 96 plates for random access, supports a wide array of microtiter plates (lidded or unlidded), has a standard two-year warranty, and built-in camera for barcoding, machine vision, and kinematic alignment. The A710 HTH’s advanced barcoding also allows for inventory management and sample tracking throughout your workspace.


Are you looking to automate your existing flow cytometry system? Add the A710 HTH to almost any robotics system for robust and reliable plate movement using our universal API.

Need a flow cytometer AND automation system? The A710 HTH is completely integrated under Stratedigm’s software package, CellCapTure. With only one software to run, analyze, and automate, your flow cytometry workflow has never been easier!

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