Stratedigm Receives Broad Patent Coverage for its Iso-Pressure Fluidics Architecture

The United States Patent Office (USPTO) approved another patent for the innovative design used in Stratedigm’s flow cytometers. The latest patent issued by the USPTO covers Stratedigm’s Iso-Pressure fluidics architecture, which offers users the ability to control sample flow rate while reducing the cost and part count of fluidics subsystems by a factor of two. Breaking with over 40 years of conventional fluidics design used in other commercial flow cytometers relying on complex and costly pressure regulators, feedback sensors, and synchronization electronics to modulate two separate pressure circuits, Stratedigm’s patented Iso-Pressure architecture provides users with the same flexibility as the conventional approach while maintaining one pressure set point for both sample and sheath circuits, increasing precision, stability, and reliability while reducing costs and system complexity.

“Stratedigm’s continued success with expanding its intellectual property portfolio used in the commercialization of its compact, scalable (up to 4 lasers and 14 colors) and high performance analyzers are further enhanced by the USPTO’s latest grant of broad coverage to our Iso-Pressure fluidics architecture. We expect similar success with our full portfolio of pending patents in the upcoming years,” noted Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm’s CEO.

Stratedigm’s S1000 analyzer was launched on May 2008 at ISAC. The company’s wide range of products has since been adopted by prestigious core labs and private and government research facilities around the world. The design of Stratedigm’s cytometers is based on multiple patented and patent pending technologies covering their unique and powerful excitation optics, emission optics, fluidics architecture, and hybrid electronics creating a product with industry leading sensitivity and unparalleled manufacturability and reliability.