Stratedigm Now Offers Best-In-Class Two-Year Standard Warranty

What goes through 8 hours of continuous vibration testing, a one-inch drop test on a hard surface, a 15 degree temperature ramp, is designed and manufactured in the U.S., and is now offered with a best-in-class two year standard warranty?

The answer is easy; every Stratedigm cytometer we ship.

Stratedigm’s R&D team has spent the last decade combing over every customer report and examining every system shipped and installed. We continued enhancements on products even when every early-access system shipped to date (serial number one) is still under heavy use in labs worldwide. We used our knowledge base to create one of the most comprehensive manufacturing and quality assurance systems in place, yielding products with unsurpassed reliability and ruggedness. Stratedigm’s state-of-the-art, patented design combined with a decade of heuristics in optimizing our base platform and manufacturing processes have enabled us to offer a standard two year warranty on every cytometer we ship. Stratedigm’s new warranty terms are retroactive to all S1000 series cytometers shipped or ordered after July of 2014.

“Stratedigm’s decade long experience with the design and manufacturing of fully configurable and upgradeable cytometers has allowed our team to fully optimize every system detail for reliability and ruggedness. The culmination of our experience puts us in a unique position to offer not only the most technologically advanced analyzers on the market, but also the most reliable and durable systems, with quality backed by the industry’s most powerful warranty,” noted Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm’s CEO.