Stratedigm Cytometry: 5 Products, 15 Months

During the pandemic we have worked tirelessly to support and provide 100% continuous uptime for our users even with many strict regulations and tightened security. Thanks to our 10+ years proven remote IoT service system, Stratedigm’s support did not miss a beat and was readily prepared for a more remote support paradigm. Even during this time, true to our credo “cytometry without compromise,” our R&D team continued innovating and improving our products to make the best flow cytometry portfolio on the market even better.

By the end of 2022, we will be releasing 5 new major products and we are so excited for the announcement of each one! Many of these products are focused around our expanding and robust automation portfolio as well as a few other surprises.

For most of our announcements, we will be opening our early-bird program (EBP) for that product. Our EBP is a limited space offering that allows US users to be one of the first to get our latest technology that comes with additional cost savings.

So, stay tuned for some exciting new product announcements over the coming months.

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