Stratedigm Celebrates National Energy Awareness Month!

October is National Energy Awareness Month

With much of the US focusing on pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween, Stratedigm would like to highlight our contribution to energy efficiency in honor of National Energy Awareness Month.

While Stratedigm is known for ground-breaking technology and high-throughput capabilities, environmental responsibility is also hardwired into our product design culture and methodology.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint and Power Consumption

Stratedigm’s foundation of design is our “order of magnitude advantage” philosophy: for every 10 parts you see in conventional analyzers, you will only see one in ours. This philosophy allows our systems to be more reliable, while decreasing the carbon footprint of our instruments.

Additionally, Stratedigm flow cytometers have reduced power consumption compared to conventional analyzers. Our flow cytometers use 75% less power than the market leader due to their advanced design. Our software CellCapTure contributes to energy efficiency as well by automatically throttling down power usage when an instrument is idle. Since Stratedigm is dedicated to pursuing sound environmental practices, we are excited to celebrate October with our commitment to environmental conscientiousness.