Stratedigm Announces the Availability of its Six Laser Upgrade for the S1000EXi Analyzer

Stratedigm’s S1000EXi analyzer is now configurable with up to six lasers, ranging from UV to near IR.  The latest version of Stratedigm’s patented OptiSymmetric architecture utilizes both sides of an ultra-rigid optical bench to mount up to six lasers with optimized and independent optical paths to the flow cell. Stratedigm’s acquisition software (CellCapTure™) in conjunction with the active thermal management of the OptiSymmetric architecture ensures each laser operates within their environmental specifications.

True to our commitment to investment protection and future-proof designs, the six-laser configuration is available as a field upgrade for all Stratedigm S1000 legacy models. Stratedigm’s modular design allows for multi-laser configurations without imparting a cost penalty to more basic systems.

The availability of up to six lasers will enable core labs to offer the widest range of assays, including far-red dyes.  This flexibility can be used to increase the number of colors or reduce spectral overlap between channels.

“2014 marked the year when Stratedigm’s vision for a fully configurable, compact analyzer became an industry standard adopted by cytometry manufacturers across the spectrum. What has remained unique to Stratedigm’s S1000 series is its patented modular architecture, enabling it to evolve from a 4-laser, 12-parameter system to a 6-laser, 22-parameter system.  The S1000 analyzer is the only product on the market to continually offer state-of-the-art technology coupled with a future-proof design to ensure investment protection; a trend which will continue for years to come,” noted Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm’s CEO.

Stratedigm’s six-laser upgrade is available to select early access customers in the U.S. until May of 2015, before its commercial launch.