Social Distancing with Flow Cytometry Automation

It can be difficult to maintain and maximize lab productivity under the new COVID-19 protocols. While these important procedures help to reduce large gatherings and keep all our scientists safe, they can also disrupt the flow of research. 

Stratedigm’s automation suite is the perfect social distancing flow cytometry system. Users can create and control experiments remotely, making it incredibly easy to abide by new lab practices and maintain six feet of physical distance while still completing experiments and research.

The A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH) allows for 24/7 unattended operation; run experiments during peak hours and maximize the unused overnight after-hours. Researchers can also queue experiments—with or without lids—and automatically acquire up to 96 plates without user intervention.

The A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) pairs seamlessly with our A710 HTH. It has liquid handling capabilities, solid-state temperature control, reagent addition, and can automatically apply templates via barcoding. And when running in Rapid High-Throughput Screening mode, the A600 can run 96-well plates in under 15 minutes with near-zero carryover.

To expand the A600’s functionality even further, our Visual Protocol Designer can unlock fine-tune process controls, such as:

  • Increased flexibility for reagent additions
  • Unlimited timed incubations
  • Pipetting from well to well
  • Fully automated compensation using single color control beads
  • Built-in AI-based logic allowing for experiments toadjust conditions basedon the given sample(s)without user interaction.
  • And much more!

Our automation suite makes completing your research as seamless as possible—no matter what’s going on in the world. The Stratedigm flow cytometry automation suite: the perfect research tool for social distancing without compromise. 

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