Our Patent Sees Microparticles In 20:20

For more than a decade, Stratedigm has constantly looked for ways to optimize and improve our flow cytometry systems. We started with an upgradeable 12-parameter, 4-laser, 2-spot system and have grown it to an upgradeable 30-parameter, 6-laser, 4-spot system. Over the years we developed an entire automation suite, implemented advanced analysis and acquisition software and added important features like quad forward scatter and dual side scatter, absolute counting without the need for counting beads, intelligent doublet detection, and laser trimming technology. These continuous design improvements and innovations made the Stratedigm system one of the best for microparticles and with our new patent it is now even better. 

While running larger-sized particles is a manageable task for any cytometer, running microparticles is a very demanding and difficult task; moreover, depending on the system, running microparticles in tandem with larger particles might be near impossible. Our newest (second) microparticle patent addresses the problem of falsely triggered microparticle events from larger particles in the same sample and improves triggering accuracy.

When running microparticles and larger particles in the same sample, the larger signals can actually trigger false microparticle data. This occurs when the larger particles passing through a laser pass through the main beam and then through the laser “lobes”—stray light at the fringes of the laser beam—that create signals large enough to trigger an event that can look like microparticles. Our patent allows us to differentiate these two distinct types of signals and eliminate the false positives associated with larger particles. This allows for cleaner, more accurate triggering and data when running microparticles and larger samples simultaneously. To demo and learn more about our microparticle capabilities, contact us today!

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