One Flow Cytometry Partnership, Endless Possibilities

Stratedigm Logo and Shero Logo Side By Side

Precision medicine in oncology, microbiology, and in vitro allergy testing is taking a major leap forward. Stratedigm, Inc. and Shero Diagnostics, Inc. have partnered together to create a new paradigm in personalized medicine. Leveraging Stratedigm’s fully automated, future-proof flow cytometry technology, Shero Diagnostics will utilize its reagent library to create single-click diagnostics tests.

Shero and Stratedigm’s synergistic approach will eliminate lengthy pre-analytical steps in clinical flow assays and turn them into simple “load-and-go” protocols. This will erase hours of human labor, eliminate errors, reduce costs, and require little to no training to run clinical tests—making precision medicine a reality through automated flow cytometry.

“In a day and age when spaceships can land themselves on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean, it’s astonishing that there are still hours of manual pre-analytical work in clinical tests. That’s why Stratedigm and Shero are excited to be at the forefront of clinical innovations to bring flow cytometry into the 21st century through automation,” said Shervin Javadi, Stratedigm CEO and Shero Diagnostics Interim CEO.

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