New Product Launch: A710 High Throughput Hotel

Flow cytometry automation is becoming essential in labs today. Automation reduces errors, cost, and human hours required for manual sample preparation, acquisition, and analysis. Here at Stratedigm, we are constantly striving to radically improve the workflow for scientists and researchers. And we’re so excited to announce the newest member of the Stratedigm automation suite: the A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH).

The moment you use the A710 High Throughput Hotel (HTH), running multiplate experiments will never be the same. The A710 HTH is the next great leap forward for our high-throughput hotel and was completely redesigned from the ground up. It is designed, manufactured, and tested in the Silicon Valley, CA, USA which helps us to ensure the greatest quality and reliability. The A710 HTH boasts some amazing new features:

  • 50% higher plate for standard and deep well plate capacity of random access racks 
  • Machine vision for auto-alignment and plate recognition 
  • Integrated barcode scanning 
  • Improved serviceability 
  • New standard two-year warranty 
  • Obsolescence guarantee

True to Stratedigm’s core belief in future-proof design, any current A700 customer with an up-to-date and continuous service contract is completely covered. If we are unable to repair your A700, we will replace it with an A710—free of charge. Stratedigm is committed to not obsoleting our products.

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