New Product Launch: A640 CPM

Say goodbye to the confines of reagent racks and plate wells – the A640 Cell Prep Module (CPM) sets you free to explore new horizons in your experiments. This game-changing addition to our automation suite takes your research to unprecedented heights, without compromising the compact footprint that our automation suite is known for.

At Stratedigm, we pride ourselves on upholding our anti-obsolescence promises. That’s why the A640 is designed to seamlessly integrate with any Stratedigm Cytometer equipped with the A600 and other automation suite instruments, both new and old.

Our Easy-Dock technology simplifies the process of adding bulk reagents to your experiments, giving you unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Don’t mess with fluid sensors when changing fluids – the smart cubitainers magnetically dock and intelligently keep track of fluid levels.

But it doesn’t stop there. The A640 is not only a physical fit for the Stratedigm automation suite; it also seamlessly integrates with CellCapTure, our all-in-one software that controls Stratedigm’s cytometers and automation suite. Adding the A640 to your new or existing experiments is as easy as a few clicks, putting you in control of your research like never before.

Unleash your creativity and break free from reagent restraints with the A640 Cell Prep Module. Experience the future of experimentation today!

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