A New Age of Flow Cytometry—the S1000EON

The S1000EON ushers in a new age of future-proof flow cytometry. Gone are the days of obsoleting hardware and discontinuing service of instruments, diminishing ROI. Stratedigm’s unlimited upgradeability is unrivaled in the market today; no matter when you purchased your S1000 cytometer, be confident that you’ll have access to the latest innovations via field upgrades.

Adding more colors and lasers to a newly designed cytometer are standard and logical design improvements. But Stratedigm is anything but standard. Not only did we increase the number of parameters from 22 to 30 and the lasers from 4 to 6, we’ve also doubled our throughput, increased our dynamic range to 5 decades, created more spatially separated interrogation points, and boosted our sensitivity up to 300%! All of these major improvements are in the same footprint and at the same price as our 1st S1000 launched in 2008. This is our commitment to Cytometry Without Compromise™.

Visit us at any of these shows to learn more about our latest and upcoming developments. We look forward to seeing you there!

SoCal FlowBeckman Center
Irvine, CA, USA
2018.04.09 – 815AM - 630PM
2018.04.10 – 830AM - 400PM
SEFCIGHilton Hotel
Memphis, TN, USA
2018.04.12 – 600PM - 900PM
2018.04.13 – 830AM - 530PM
AACRMcCormick Place North/South
Chicago, IL, USA
2018.04.15 – 100PM - 500PM
2018.04.16 – 900AM - 500PM
2018.04.17 – 900AM - 500PM
2018.04.18 – 900AM - 1200PM
CYTOPrague Congress Centre
Prague, Czech Republic
2018.04.29 – 600PM - 800PM
2018.04.30 – 1000AM - 500PM
2018.05.01 – 1000AM - 500PM
2018.05.02 – 1000AM - 330PM
ImmunologyAustin Convention Center
Austin, TX, USA
2018.05.05 – 930AM - 430PM
2018.05.06 – 930AM - 330PM
2018.05.07 – 930AM - 330PM

To learn more about our future-proof instruments with investment protection, please contact info@stratedigm.com, visit us at our website, or our YouTube Channel.