I Want To Be A Flow-er: Survey Results

I was recently part of a workshop about finding your unique voice and style in your creative writing when a fellow participant spoke up from the crowd with my favorite bit of wisdom from the event. She compared authors and writing to flowers, it went a little something like this, it went a little something like this:

“When you go into a garden, every flower has its own essence—its own uniqueness.”

Chris Malkemes

It was such a simple statement, but it was the weight of the analogy that hung with me for weeks.

You don’t see flowers comparing themselves to other flowers, worried about the new “looker” sprouting up next to them. They are unapologetically 100% original, beautiful in every way, flaws and all, and open for the world to see. They grow in harmony, but are works of art all on their own.

If you are lucky enough to catch them all in bloom, the blended landscape they create might take your breath away. It’s pretty remarkable when you think about it, even more so when you compare the similarities.

We love our annual State of Flow Survey responses because they give us meaningful insight and perspective of how “Flow-ers” grow and their unique care-abouts (what makes them BLOOM).  This year’s 2020 outlook was no exception especially with our question about “What science or technology innovation would you like to see come to fruition in flow by 2020?” 

Some of the more “blooming” responses included:

  • “Small particle detection improvements”
  • “Cell sorting on electrowetting chips”
  • “Validation guidelines for clinical research”
  • “Single cell genomics”
  • “More  Software for analysis”
  • “Microvesicle and exosome detection capabilities”
  • “Cheaper and quick compensation”
  • “Multicolor easy analysis software tools for multicolor small particle detection”
  • “CyTOF microfluidics bead-based flow cytometry”
  • “Spectral cytometry cell sorting”

Thank you all to those who participated in this year’s survey—your unique feedback and advice is a very valuable resource to us at Stratedigm.

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