Future-proof Design, Transparent Pricing

2020 has brought about unforeseen changes to business. The price of raw materials and components have skyrocketed, and these costs are being passed on to the end-user.

At Stratedigm, we believe that every company has an obligation to its customers to make thoughtful decisions and approach changes with care. That is why since our first product launch in 2008, Stratedigm has been dedicated to keeping prices of service contracts and instruments constant. Our pricing strategy is enabled by our dedication to exploring and utilizing novel and state-of-the-art technology to enhance efficiencies in R&D, manufacturing, and service. 

Our commitment to offering stable, transparent pricing will continue through 2021 for service contracts and instruments. However, we anticipate that with an increase in global inflation and despite our best efforts, we may have to introduce our first ever price adjustment in 2022. We are still hopeful to maintain our current pricing model, but we owe our customers an honest forecast of potentially changing prices. Meanwhile, all instrument and service contract sales in 2021 will benefit from our legacy pricing.

We stand by our responsibility to provide high-quality products, support, and service, while making choices that positively impact the environment. Rather than incentivizing customers to purchase brand-new systems and discard the previous model, our future-proof design philosophy and anti-obsolescence guarantee (AOG) promote continual upgrades of our platforms. Our AOG is simply common sense for business, the environment, and our consumers. 

We believe that transparency is always the best policy and we look forward to serving the flow community with continued dedication and forward-thinking products for years to come.

Product Spotlight

We’d also like to spotlight a new and exciting eCourse from WORK-FLOW on Full-Spectrum Flow Cytometry.

Part of the Cytometry Select series, this course is designed for use as a prerequisite to instrument training or simply as a teaching guide for anyone starting their journey into “Spectral” flow cytometry.

A strong emphasis was placed on polychromatic panel optimization to reinforce the importance of following good practices to generate quality data.

Educate yourself, your staff, or your user base at: https://work-flow.tech/education/.