Flow Cytometry Software That Keeps Getting Better

Today marks the early-bird release of the next-generation of CellCapTure (CCT) software. CCT 5.1 is the first of five exciting new products that Stratedigm will be launching by the end of 2022. CCT 5.1 now has even more functionality focusing on our built-in fully automated Uber Comp, optional Visual Protocol Designer (VPD), and A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS).

With over 60 exciting new features and improvements, some include:

  • Uber Comp
    • 2X speed improvement
    • Ability to run single color controls from a plate or the reagent rack
    • View Uber Comp recording in real-time
  • Visual Protocol Designer (VPD)
    • Fine-tuned syringe speed control
    • Multi-variable blocks
    • Expanded use of population statistics, variables, and plate locations
    • Boolean condition block improved flexibility
    • Volume and dilution tracking
    • High Rinse mode for sticky samples
    • Ability to add comments to VPD recipe
  • A600 Top Fluidics capabilities (stay tuned for more info!)
  • Add pages to sample and tubes documents with graphical buttons
  • Histogram overlay display offsets
  • Expanded reporting for third-party automation integration
  • And so much more!

These new automation features further expand the unmatched performance and ease of use CellCapTure has long been known for. Incorporating analysis, acquisition, and automation into a single software package gives users a uniquely intuitive and powerful tool.

And as all Stratedigm users have come to expect, CCT 5.1 comes standard with every EON generation instrument (SE520EON and S1000EON) and works natively with Windows 10. If additional licenses are purchased for analysis computers, users can even leverage a shared database to access experiments for seamless sharing between PCs. For any EON instruments that are under current service contract, this upgrade is 100% free of charge and is also included with any instrument that is upgraded to the latest EON generation.

To enroll in our early-bird program and take advantage of these incredible new features today, contact our customer support!