Flow Cytometry Automation Just Got Smarter

Stratedigm is reinventing the way you design your automation experiments. With CellCapTure’s optional patent pending Visual Protocol Designer (VPD), users can easily create complex tasks and protocols to fully automate their experiments by utilizing a visual, drag-and-drop system.

By utilizing “action blocks” for mixing, incubating, recording, and pipetting from well to well, users can now create novel protocols with ease. In addition, VPD performs cell washing using simple blocks. Create multiple loops or a single protocol to take all the guess work out of flow cytometry workflows.

Not only does Stratedigm’s VPD allow users to effortlessly automate complex multi-step assays, it also has built-in logic and decision making without user intervention. This revolutionary new feature can perform actions based on sample statistics. With this level of productivity, users can eliminate mistakes and save hours of sample preparation. You’ve never done automated flow cytometry like this before.

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