Experience a New Era of Flow Cytometry Service

Stratedigm Announces the Third of Five Commercial Launches: Control Center

You know Stratedigm as the technology leader in flow cytometry. But did you know we have the most advanced service infrastructure?

The current industry standard for instrumentation service is one-size-fits-all. But we believe it should be tailored to fit each customer, configuration, and usage. So, our R&D team spent the last two years developing the Stratedigm Control Center. It leverages the latest Industrial IoT technology—rivaling Tesla® and Intel®. Whether you have a single cytometer or a full automation suite, Control Center tracks over 100 variables, including power supply, fan, pump, and laser hours.

With the launch of the Control Center, Stratedigm ushers in a new Intelligent Service paradigm. The Control Center generates vital statistics that service engineers use to proactively replace components before end-of-life, eliminating unnecessary downtime. More than that, it offers valuable insight into system performance, allowing our R&D team to constantly improve our products.

True to Stratedigm’s ongoing commitment to investment protection and future-proof cytometers, the Control Center is fully compatible with Stratedigm’s legacy instruments.

Increase the lifespan of your flow cytometry platform and experience cutting-edge service with Stratedigm’s all-new Control Center. To learn more about our software and instruments, please contact info@stratedigm.com, visit us at https://www.stratedigm.com, or at our YouTube channel.