The Eon of Future-Proof Flow Cytometry

Let’s end the era of disposable flow cytometers; let’s do away with obsoleting expensive capital equipment; let’s create a product suite built to stand the test of time; let’s build lab equipment that grows and adapts with us; let’s introduce the worldwide commercial launch of Stratedigm’s future-proof flow cytometer: the S1000EON. 

Since its debut in 2008, the S1000 series flow cytometer has grown and exceeded the needs of the market. It was designed for iterative and incremental upgrades over time. And because of this purposeful design, even our first S1000s sold in 2008 continue to be serviced and improved, setting new standards for upgradeable flow cytometry systems. 

 S1000 S1000EON 
Release Year 2008 2019
UpgradeableYes Yes
Automation-Ready YesYes 
Max Parameters12 30 
Max Lasers 4
Interrogation Points 4
Decades of Dynamic Range 4 for Acquisition  
and Analysis
5 for Acquisition 
7 for Analysis 
Analysis Rate10,000 events/sec20,000 events/sec
Max FSC Channels 4
Max SSC Channels 2

“Prior to joining Biological Industries Israel, I served as the Sr. Core Lab Director for Weizmann Institute for more 30 years. After my training in San Jose, California in January 2019 and the first installation of the S1000EON in Israel [in the Weizmann Core Lab], I’ve been methodically monitoring its performance on a daily basis for over 3 months. I’m measuring the sensitivity everyday with Rainbow 8 Peak beads, like they do on every instrument in the Weizmann Flow Cytometry Core Lab, this instrument is one of the best, if not the best, instrument I’ve operated in my career.”

Eitan Ariel

The S1000EON‘s latest specs and performance illustrate the major leaps in technological advancements we’ve implemented into our cytometers. For the last 10+ years, Stratedigm has pushed the boundaries of flow cytometry technology. And with one of the widest patent portfolios for flow cytometry, we continue to be the market leader in fully integrated and automated flow cytometry platforms. We pride ourselves in creating the most user-friendly, highly sensitive, benchtop analyzers that excel beyond your lab’s needs year after year.

So come visit our booth (#314) at CYTO 2019 to see our newest flagship flow cytometer in Vancouver, Canada. We’ll also have a few more surprise announcements, so make sure to stop by to hear more!

Let’s bring in the new era of non-disposable, future-proof flow cytometers together!

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