Can obsolescence cost 250K dollars?

Cytometer obsolescence continues to be a looming issue for many users, but can it actually cost them significantly more than the initial cost of purchase?

With only a year or two left of serviceability on many of the recently obsoleted instruments, users are forced to make difficult decisions. Many labs must choose to run the risk of going without service, trade-in their instruments for a fraction of the original cost, or abandon their current instrument and purchase a new one while hoping they don’t encounter the same obsolescence issue in a few years.

Stratedigm offers a better way. From their inception, our flow cytometers were designed to be customizable, configurable, upgradeable, and, most importantly, future-proof. Our S1000 series flow cytometers allow users to upgrade BETWEEN generations of instruments thus providing the ultimate in longevity and reliability, regardless of purchase date. Our instruments come standard with an Anti-Obsolescence Guarantee (AOG) unique in the flow cytometry market. Available for instruments kept under continuous service contract since their initial purchase and installation, this policy states that, if ever an instrument or component is completely redesigned such that it is no longer field-upgradeable, available for purchase, and not serviceable, we will replace it when necessary at no additional charge with the latest model.

To further illustrate the benefits of our future-proof instruments and AOG, we conducted a 15-year case study comparing the purchase of 3 different instruments with a simple single laser failure. Based on our case study using data available through the GSA, the customer saves up to $250K by choosing a Stratedigm S1000EX. To see the case study in more detail, click here.

Rather than continuing to generate new models at the cost of obsoleting existing ones, our revolutionary platform allows us to offer a smarter, forward-thinking paradigm. Instead of a complete loss of investment and a forced purchase of a new instrument, our customer’s service contracts continue to increase in value over time and culminate towards upgrades to the latest generation of Stratedigm instrumentation.

For example, our users who purchased an S1000 in 2008 have had access to our subsequent three next-generation cytometers and full automation suite. We made revolutionary improvements and innovations all while maintaining forwards-upgradeability and future-proof designs among our four generations of cytometers—S1000, S1000EX, S1000EXi, S1000EON.

4 lasers, 8 colors6 lasers, 26 colors
1 color per detector3rd Generation Smart Detect – Up to 4 colors per detector simultaneously
4 decades of acquisition5 decades of acquisition
7 decades of analysis
10,000 events/sec20,0000 events/sec
FSC and SSCQuad-FSC and quad-SSC capable
No automation at launch, but 100% compatible with the entire Stratedigm Automation SuiteFull automation suite compatible

At any point during ownership of an S1000, the user could simply field-upgrade to the latest generation of S1000, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in new instrumentation purchases. Or, if any of their components failed under our AOG, they would be upgraded at no additional charge.

Stratedigm customers not only receive industry-leading performance and service (backed by more than a decade of proven industrial IoT technology), they also have the peace of mind in their investment and that their instruments will be taken care for many years to come.

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