2019 Patent: Visually Create, Easily Automate

[Aperture Bio is] an early-stage medical diagnostic company applying proprietary chemistry to a clinical high-throughput assay using the Stratedigm platform. And the VPD software component has been a true game-changer to our assay development process. The ability to change multiple parameters in minutes, assess their effect, and then make subsequent adjustments leading towards assay optimization—all without cumbersome and slow software code modifications—has been a dream. After using  the VPD software, I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”     

Matt Gombrich 
Chief Medical Officer 
Aperture Bio

Stratedigm perpetually pushes the boundaries of flow cytometry technology. We’ve developed groundbreaking patents in hardware, software, and methods for flow. Designing these cutting-edge innovations for many different types of users is challenging, yet rewarding. And in recent years, there has been a major paradigm shift around automation and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Automation is quickly becoming one of the greatest demands in the flow community. It reduces errors, cost, and labor required for manual sample manipulation. Unfortunately, creating and working with automation protocols within traditional flow cytometry automation setups require unintuitive software designed for poorly integrated hardware platforms.

Stratedigm knows there’s another way. 

Automation should be easy and accessible to users of all skill levels. And we believe our newly patented Visual Protocol Designer (VPD) is the key to achieving this goal. VPD makes designing and executing fully automated experiments as simple as drag and drop; there’s no complex programming language or convoluted automation tasks. An intuitive, graphical, block-based interface makes multi-step experiment design easy. And with our game-changing “decision blocks” your experiments will have intelligence built right in. For example, if your first acquisition did not gather enough events, a decision block automatically tells the system to go back and perform another record and append the data as required. Simple, yet powerful actions like these are now at every user’s fingertips. 

With our latest patent (VPD), Stratedigm continues to grow one of the largest intellectual property (IP) portfolios in flow cytometry. VPD is just the latest addition to that portfolio and there is more to come later this year. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletters for more news and announcements!

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