11 Reasons Customers Choose Stratedigm

This is the second Stratedigm unit that I have used. We purchased the current S1300EXi together with the A600 HTAS and A700 Hotel about 3 years ago (2016), so far the system has gone through more than 300 experiments, consumed over 500 liters of sheath fluid, the total runtime has passed over 4300 hours, and the unit is still STRONG. It’s hard to believe that all this can be achieved by using any other brand of flow cytometer.”

Hui Shao
Adicet Bio

Evaluating flow cytometers is  a daunting task. Your hardware, software, and service should be high-performance, reliable, and stand the test of time. Knowing which company to place your trust in and rely upon is vital. As a flow cytometry manufacturer, we know that trust is earned not just at the time of purchase, but with every single use of the instrument. And users have continued to choose Stratedigm for the last 11 years since the S1000‘s release.  

Our products and services have always been customer-centric. That is why the S1000 analyzer provides users with an upgrade path to the next generation rather than obsoleting legacy models.Its design makes it the most advanced, customizable, and upgradeable cytometry platform on the market. 

In honor of the 11th year of the S1000 platform, based on user testimonials, we have compiled the top 11 reasons why customers choose Stratedigm. So, why do customers put their faith in us? To find out why, download our 11 Reasons to Choose Stratedigm” PDF now! 

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